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So who’s this Mike van Roon guy anyways?  Well, that’s a tough one as I’ve tried to experience a lot of things to fully understand people in general, and help where I can.

Michael van Roon was born in Apeldoorn Holland in 1972, having immigrated to Canada in 1980. Having multiple artists in the family, and growing up near the art district, has influenced his life in art tremendously. Throughout his life, Mike has always been fascinated by the interpretations of lines and shadows in whatever he sees, and how similar subject matter is viewed by others

Naturally, he was drawn to illustration, and further developed his skills to mixed media sculpture and painting. His interests were further cultivated after his move into digital media and design, having taught those subject matters at Conestoga College in Kitchener, Ontario

Shortly after his digital teaching endeavors, Michael returned to a more traditional illustrative medium such as inks and watercolor, preferring shown lines and subdued or brilliant colors – depending his subject matter. The images Michael creates are based on perspective and textures, like seeing only part of a sculpture. This point of view has been cultivated and influenced by the movie “Dead Poets Society”, when the students stood on their desks to see the world in a different way. He has taken this movie scene to heart, and actively works on finding different views in his personal and professional life.

Michael has also been selected and featured in poetry books, online galleries, and contributes to an artisan group called Maike Makers where he teaches and collaborates with other artists.

Michael lives and works in Cambridge, often times being away with his wife to surround themselves with the waters and forests near Algonquin, Ontario.

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